Mobile Robot development Platforms

Festo Robotino Mobile Robotic Development Platform- Click to Enlarge• Plug and play mobile robot with a round stainless steel frame and three omnidirectional drive units
• Fast access to motor control data
• Hardware in the loop control
• Direct access to microcontroller
• Collision-avoiding contour control by means of nine distance sensors

The Festo Robotino Mobile Robotic Development Platform is Mobile robot with a round stainless steel frame and three omnidirectional drive units.

Robust construction
The three Robotino drive modules are integrated into a stable, laser-welded stainless steel frame. The frame is protected against collisions by a rubber protection strip with integrated switching sensor. Numerous additional components, such as sensors or handling units, can be mounted on a platform with prepared threaded holes.

Everything in view
With its omnidirectional drive, Robotino moves quick as a flash forwards, backwards and sideways and also turns on the spot. The frame contains nine infrared distance sensors. An analogue inductive sensor and two optical sensors are also available, enabling the Robotino to recognize and follow predefined paths that are marked in colour or with an aluminium strip.

Festo Robotino Mobile Robotic Development Platform- Click to EnlargeRobotino View Software
Robotino View is the interactive, graphical programming and learning environment for Robotino. It communicates directly with the robot system via wireless LAN, with no need for code compiling or downloading to the controller.

Uninterrupted use
Power is supplied via two 12 V lead-gel rechargeable non-spillable electric storage batteries, permitting a running time of up to two hours.Direct access
The membrane keypad integrated in the controller housing enables the Robotino® to be controlled without a WLAN

Open programming environment
It can communicate directly with a Linux program in the PC 104 or, via W-LAN, with Robotino® View or another external PC application

Microcontroller programming
The microcontroller is externally accessible and can be used directly for programming custom applications.

EA09 control board
The EA09 control board provides you with a professional introduction to control technology for electric motors.

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