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Job Trends for Salesforce DevelopersI’ve been traveling and meeting Salesforce developers across India over the past month. One thing that stood out was how technically adept and savvy these developers are when it comes to developing web-apps and extending Salesforce using Visualforce and Apex, and also how good they were administering Platform itself. However, I also noticed that most of these developers are still very new to mobile app development.

After talking to them, I realized that many haven’t had the opportunity to work on mobile apps because from what I heard, much of the work undertaken by the devs, and SIs in general is around web-app development and maintenance vs. mobile development. As we know, that’s changing quickly as mobile is becoming more important and clients are forced to provide a mobile solution.

In my conversations, some developers who were totally new to Salesforce1 Platform commented that becoming a mobile developer is fine, but why? what are the advantages and incentive for developing on Salesforce1 though?

Components of Salesforce1 PlatformFirst of all, you can use your existing Web-development skills to build great looking, enterprise grade apps. All you need is JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 skills. So no need to make new investments in both time and money learning Android SDK or Objective-C. Secondly, if you have already invested in technologies like Visualforce, Apex etc, you can continue to use them and still build mobile apps!

Lastly, consider the following survey of job salaries for developers. In addition to Salesforce being a great platform to build on, it is growing so quickly, that people are willing to pay much higher salaries!

Note: These are U.S. jobs stats data but according to our Indian colleagues, it correlates more or less directly to job market in India as well.

Salesforce1 Platform Overview

Further, there were other more detailed questions around our new platform, Salesforce1, that boiled down to whether Salesforce1 could actually help them become mobile developers?

So I decided to write this blog to help people understand the problem Salesforce1 is trying to solve and help budding developers along the way.

It doesn’t matter which country you are in, developing a mobile app (front-end) can be very time consuming and expensive. This is especially true if one wants to roll out apps for both iOS and Android devices and also roll out for tablets like iPads, Google Nexus etc. This is what I call “The front-end problem”.

While, Heroku etc. make for excellent platforms for building backend-side of mobile or web apps, they weren’t necessarily solving the challenge of building mobile front-ends aka “the front-end problem”. And that’s really where Salesforce1 comes in.

At a high-level Salesforce1 encompasses two components:

  1., Heroku1 and ExactTarget Fuel platforms with new APIs and more mobile support and
  2. A front-end hybrid mobile app.
Dashboard Salesforce1 Mobile App 3rd party apps in Salesforce1 Mobile Container

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