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Cross-platform application development implies writing once and deploying to multiple platforms. Application developers can monetize better by taking advantage of development tools that favor cross-platform design and development. Android* and iOS* are two mobile application development platforms that most app developers want to have their applications run on. The architecture of the software stack and the hardware capabilities of the devices running on the two different platforms pose challenges to cross-platform application development. HTML5 is one technology that makes cross-platform application development easy while providing portability to the different platforms.

The AppMobi XDK provides the cross-platform application development tools that developers can leverage to easily build HTML5 and JavaScript* apps that run on different mobile platforms. In this article, we will see how to build hybrid applications that leverage the JavaScript APIs provided by the AppMobi XDK to build an application that will run on Android devices.

The AppMobi XDK Software Development Life Cycle

The AppMobi XDK provides not just tools for cross-platform application development, but also for testing your applications before deploying them on the platform of choice, as shown in the screenshot below.

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You can build your applications as a web app using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, or as a hybrid application to tap into hardware functionality like the Accelerometer, Camera, etc. You can simultaneously test your application using emulators for different types of Android and iOS devices in different orientations. You can also choose to test the application on an actual device using Wi-Fi* or through a cloud-hosting service. Once you are convinced about the functionality of the application, you can deploy it on different app stores like the Android Marketplace or the Apple App Store.

Installing the AppMobi XDK

The AppMobi XDK is available for installation through the Chrome store. You need to create an AppMobi account at to download and install the AppMobi XDK. As a pre-requisite, you also need to install Google Chrome* and Java* 6. The XDK runs as a web application together with a local web server that runs as a Java application.

Once you install the XDK, you can launch the application by clicking the XDK icon in the Chrome browser. Note that the AppMobi XDK does not replace the web development tools of your choice. It provides a single platform to build, test, and deploy your web/hybrid applications while still allowing you to use the IDE of your choice.

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