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mobile game development toolsIf you are into gaming, even a bit, you must have heard of the Batman series? Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman: Arkham City Lockdown etc. have been the best and most enduring Batman games every played in this time and age. The interactive gaming technology developed for this game series was built using one of the major tools named Unreal Engine. If you have slight interest in the gaming world, you would know of this tool. This is one of the most hyped and most prevalent gaming engines that helps build interactive and heavy games that most gamers are addicted to.

The other major tool that has helped built infinite interesting games for the mobile world would be Unity Engine. Remember having played Max: The Curse of Brotherhood on your mobile, or better still Angry Birds Epic? If yes then you have most certainly played games built using this Engine. Most of the games built using this tool are considered heavy and interesting. In fact, this engine has built games for all ages! The best game built by Unity that till date attracts people would be Temple Run. Yes, you would immediately remember this game if not the others.

Unreal Engine 4Here we will take a peek preview of the new version releases made by these two major mobile game app development tools. The Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 4 have been released by their respective creators, and here is a preview on each of these machines that are all set to create new interactive games.

Unreal Engine 4: Peek Preview

The Unreal Engine, mobile game app development tool, has been developed by Epic Games. You would have seen a mention of this while playing a game built using this tool. Recently, Epic released the version 4 of Unreal Engine publicly through videos. The video followed by presentation was aimed at providing a complete demo of the new engine version to the public. In fact, there is also a video that shows Alan Willard talking about the technical details of the engine to the public.

History of the Unreal

Interestingly there is a sound history to Unreal Engine before it came up with this version 4. Unreal Engine had unveiled its first version way back in 1998. At that time it had a 3D renderer, Open GL and Direct 3D acting as supporting software. A sound engine and animation system completed the unreal engine dynamics then. The unreal 2 and 3 were simply rewrites of key engine features which were integrated into gaming consoles. A visual scripting engine known as Kismet was launched with version 3. This was the first version to be fully integrated with Xbox 360 and PS3. The overall cost of engaging hardware for UE3 was very expensive. The hardware concept built here was completely new, and unique but very expensive making it a drawback for UE3.

Unreal Engine 4: What’s New?

The Scripting language Kismet has definitely evolved in this version along with the introduction of a new concept called dynamic global illumination. This new version has also introduced a GPU augmented particle system. Let’s take a look at each of the new features being introduced here.

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