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Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Frameworks Right For Your Business

How Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Frameworks Right For Your Business? Jul 12 2014

There was a time when businesses were advised to develop a mobile strategy. Now times have changed. Developing apps for Android or iPhone, or Windows or BlackBerry have become the priority. It’s no longer enough to have a mobile app on a single platform. You need to plan for cross-platform mobile application development. But developing for a myriad of target platforms could be a challenge in terms of development cost, time and resources.

Thankfully, there are options available. This problem can be solved with cross mobile application development frameworks which include Appcelerator’s Titanium, Rhodes and PhoneGap. These frameworks are designed to limit the work that a developer has to put in to creating apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and beyond.

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Frameworks Right For Your BusinessThe idea is to help developers build mobile apps in dynamic programming languages and then compile them to multiple platforms.

Here are the pros that will help you decide whether cross platform frameworks are a good choice for your business :

  • Reusable Code: You can code once and use it multiple times. You need not re-write a particular action sequence. Once coded, you can re-use it in other platforms.
  • Easy access to plug ins: The major cross platform development frameworks like PhoneGap offer easy access to plug ins and modules that can be easily plugged in to other services and tools.
  • Easy Development: Most of the frameworks use dynamic scripting languages and also support HTML and CSS3, hence they are very easy for developers to use.
  • Cost of Development: This is one of the greatest advantages of cross platform frameworks. Businesses do not require to invest in different apps development for other platforms.
  • Support for cloud and enterprise services: Most of the available cross platform frameworks also have the ability to directly integrate with cloud services, including, AWS, and others.
  • Easy Deployment: Deploying and compiling apps is much faster and much easy with cross platform frameworks.

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I want to develop apps for a mobile platform. I want to learn the code too BUT i have windows but want to do iOS but again I have windows. If possible I want to get a developer device too. If possible maybe Android but I would like details too. Maybe if I got the device I could test it too. Please tell me what I should do.

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