Cross platform mobile development comparison

PhoneGap vs Xamarin logos bannerDeveloping a mobile application these days is an arduous task. You need to have a mobile app to get your business noticed and to gain market share with your audience, however which platform do you choose? Apple? Android? Windows Phone?

Cost of developing a mobile app is one of the biggest hurdles besides the choice of platform. To get an application developed natively in two of the three major mobile operating systems immediately doubles the cost of development.

Each mobile operating system is designed around development in a specific programming language and development environment.

3 Different operating systems, 3 separate languages and development environments, and counting. To be able to cater to all of these operating systems natively, mobile app developers need to have someone able to be an expert in each of these programming languages and also be an expert in the nuances of how each mobile operating system works. Task lifecycles, multi-threading, memory limitations, garbage collection, etc.

Thus to have 1 app developed in it’s native language and environment will take 3 times as long. Thus tripling our cost of development.

Cost of Maintenance

Any code written for any one of these is incompatible with the other and needs to be completely rewritten in the native language and development environment so that it’ll work for the target platform.

Because of that there will be subtle differences in the code base for each platform, so any future modifications to the app will require 3 separate changes, one for each language and platform, thus also tripling the long term cost of maintenance.

There is a solution to this dilemma, it’s not a silver bullet, however for most applications cross platform development may be a viable alternative.

Cross Platform Development

One solution to bring costs down is cross-platform development. Until such time as everyone settles on a specific platform for all mobile phones and tablet devices this will continue to be a huge time and cost saver for people interested in getting a mobile app developed for multiple platforms.

There’s essentially 2 approaches that cross-platform framework developers have taken to solve this particular problem.

  • Web app wrapped as a native app, such as Adobe PhoneGap/Cordova
  • Cross platform tool that creates native apps, such as Xamarin Studio

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