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Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks & PlatformsMobile application development has been one of Mindfire’s key strengths. Our years of experience and expertise in designing and developing engaging mobile applications positions us uniquely to serve your business needs better. Our rich cross-platform mobile app development experience, flexible business model, and fine-tuned processes can translate to high quality, faster time-to-market, and less cost - i.e. happy customers and increased revenue - for your business.

We have a strong track record of creating powerful cross-platform mobile apps using Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, Rhomobile, Corona, Xamarin and other cross-platform frameworks. Mindfire is counted among the top cross-platform mobile application development companies in India. Browse a sample of our Cross-Platform Mobile Customer Success Stories.

Corona ThumbnailAppcelerator Titanium Development

Appcelerator Titanium is one of the top choices for building cross-platform mobile apps. You can develop native iPhone/iPad, Android, and mobile web (and soon BlackBerry) apps with full access to each device's API. Applications built with Titanium are social, local, media rich, interactive, and extensible and support all of the iPhone, iPad and Android UI, including table views, scroll views, native buttons, switches, tabs, popovers and more.

Mindfire’s experienced and professional Appcelerator Titanium developers can help take your cool mobile app idea from concept to market quickly with the highest quality and cost-effectiveness. Our team consists of Titanium Certified App Developers.

PhoneGap Development

Adobe's (formerly Nitobi's) PhoneGap - widely recognized as a game-changer for mobile app development - is an open source mobile development framework for building powerful cross-platform mobile applications.

You develop your mobile app just once with web standards (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript). With PhoneGap, you can get access to powerful native features - like accelerometer, camera, compass, contacts, file, geolocation, media, network, notifications (alert, sound, vibration), and storage - and seamlessly deploy to multiple platforms! PhoneGap currently supports a wide array of platforms, e.g. Apple iOS, Google Android, HP webOS, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian OS, RIM BlackBerry, and Samsung Bada.

You can leverage Mindfire's solid reputation of delivering first-class service and the expertise of our experienced PhoneGap developers to help bring your cool mobile app ideas to life.

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Which mobile platform to develop for?

I want to develop apps for a mobile platform. I want to learn the code too BUT i have windows but want to do iOS but again I have windows. If possible I want to get a developer device too. If possible maybe Android but I would like details too. Maybe if I got the device I could test it too. Please tell me what I should do.

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