Cross platform mobile application development C#

mobiledevI’ll be sharing in a series of posts on how to create your very first cross-platform mobile application using C#.

According to Wikipedia

In computing, cross-platform, or multi-platform, is an attribute conferred to computer software or computing methods and concepts that are implemented and inter-operate on multiple computer platforms. For example, a cross-platform application may run on Microsoft Windows on the x86 architecture, Linux on the x86 architecture and Mac OS X on either the PowerPC or x86 basedApple Macintosh systems. Cross-platform programs may run on as many as all existing platforms, or on as few as two platforms.

We’ve been hearing it all over the news that most tech companies are acquiring mobile applications. They are not just a $1m, $10m, or $100m applications, they can go from $1B to $19B say Instagram and WhatsApp. In my opinion, mobile applications are the way to go better than web development (for a start up) if you are trying to reach out the market.

Mobile development is growing pretty fast since most of the internet users now are always on the go. Of course most of them has a smart phone on their pocket or in their sling bag, just turned on their mobile internet connection then that’s it.

740109_10204037942927512_2198418458826641472_oPC sales are becoming slower and slower while tablets and smart phones sales are growing. Developing in mobile and it has been around for awhile. People like us like smaller yet powerful devices that can satisfy our needs.

Today there are different type of tools that you can use to target Android, iOS, Windows platform.

The end project is very simple, a game server is hosted in Windows Azure and participating schools will have to defend their honor by attacking other schools. It also serves as the arena manager where it creates battles for schools that are going to fight. The client (students) have two options to either attack or repair in their mobile. Pretty simple, nothing fancy.

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How to Choose the Right Mobile Platform for App Development.?

Several new mobile apps enter the market every day, developed by coders at all levels, using multiple platforms. Developers can now choose from various mobile platforms, including Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian, Qualcomm BREW and Sun J2ME. This is great for developers, both creativity-wise and money-wise.