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Adobe Flash Builder Installation Options

Adobe Flash Builder: The Ideal Tool To Build Cross Platform Apps

When it comes to building applications that are able to run on mobile and desktop platforms one of the leading development tools include Adobe’s Flash Builder. While Java is also a good platform for building cross-platform apps, the Adobe Flash Builder arguably provides more flexibility, as Flash support is available for a wider range of devices to help end users stream videos online and to run flash supported apps. Previously known as Adobe Flex Builder, the Adobe Flash Builder can be used for developing games and apps via ActionScripts, which can run on anything from desktop operating systems like Windows or Mac OS X to mobile platforms like iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices.

New Project

Installing Adobe Flash Builder

During installation you will be given the option to install Air for Apple iOS support, make sure this option is checked. You will require more than 1GB of empty space on the disk you are installing Adobe Flash builder. During installation you will also be given the option to either enter a key or to continue with the 60 day trial. You can even install the Flash Builder in other languages by selecting an alternative language during the installation.Mobile Settings The installation may take a few minutes as Adobe Flash builder is quite a resource intensive application.

Developing Mobile Games And Apps With Adobe Flash Builder

Adobe Flash Builder provides project templates that can be quite helpful in creating your app or game. When you begin your new project you will notice that the Flash Builder provides a wide range of templates which can make it particularly easy to develop apps for mobile platforms. For example, you can use the Flex Mobile Project or ActionScript Mobile Project templates to build mobile apps.

Getting Started With Mobile App Development Using Adobe Flash Builder

When creating projects with Flex Mobile you will notice that it uses Hero. This is a mobile version of Flex. To get started you will require selecting a project name and the destination folder for saving the project. The Mobile Settings contain options for the mobile app that you are developing. This makes it easier to configure some basic options which can be hard to find as they can get hidden in several sub menus or project files.

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