Cross platform mobile app Development, HTML5

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

PhoneGap / Cordova

PhoneGap/Cordova is one of the most popular frameworks among developers building cross-platform mobile apps. In spite of being based on the web-standard technologies including HTML, Java and CSS, PhoneGap provides great support in building apps with native features.

Looking at the rising trend of cross-platform mobile apps, Rapidsoft added PhoneGap based mobile application development expertise to its service-range. So far at Rapidsoft Technologies, hundreds of PhoneGap based Cross Platform Mobile Application Development projects have taken place.Sencha Touch Also using PhoneGap framework, developers at Rapidsoft Technologies are able to build cross-platform apps with native look and feel. Apps developed at Rapidsoft strictly adhere to the Terms & Conditions of any app store.

Corona SDKThe PhoneGap based apps developed by our developers use almost all mobile-device features like Accelerometer, Camera, Compass, Contacts File, Geo-location, Media, Network, Notification (Alert, Sound and Vibration) and Storage.

The open source framework, PhoneGap has helped our clients save their time and money and also implement the single code base for multiple platforms. Once we program an app in PhoneGap, it can easily and quickly be deployed on Android, iPhone, Windows and BlackBerry platforms; however, we do advise that not all app ideas can be developed using cross-platform tool and technology like PhoneGap.

Sencha Touch

HTML5Sencha Touch is a powerful JavaScript framework and the keystone of Sencha HTML5 platform. Sencha Touch framework allows mobile app developers narrow the gap between web apps and native apps.

We at Rapidsoft Technologies are also proficient in Sencha Touch, the user interface JavaScript library. Sencha Touch lets us make a web technology based app to look and feel like a native app. Powered by the latest HTML5 and CSS3 web standards, Sencha Touch based apps designed by Rapidsoft Technologies have beautiful user interface components with rich data management features. We design, develop and deploy these apps for Android and iOS devices. These are essentially web apps, but in the native wrappers to be published in mobile app stores like Google Play and App Store.

JQuery Mobile Appcelerator

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