Best mobile development platform

Best Platform For Mobile App Development

“…an exploration of the subject from one perspective intended as a vehicle for shedding light on the merits of any platform as it pertains to mobile development…”

When it comes to computing platforms, few debates cause more bias-rage and consternation than the ubiquitous Mac vs. PC donnybrook. As an enterprise software engineer for business applications using Microsoft’s development and database platforms, there simply was no debate for me.

While the Apple platform dominated the graphic design and publishing industry for many years, the PC/Windows platform held dominion over business application development. The server, client, and tools for the job were all tightly interwoven in a way that didn’t offer much room for anything else to make much sense. But as technology has evolved, and as I’ve worked toward expanding development efforts into the mobile app environment, the choice is not so clear. Which platform, then, is the best platform for mobile development?

Article AuthorLet me be clear, at this point, to state emphatically that this article is not intended to ignite yet another flame war between competing platforms, nor is it intended to provide an empirically definitive answer to which Hardware /OS platform is ‘the best.’ Rather, it is an exploration of the subject from one perspective intended as a vehicle for shedding light on the merits of any platform as it pertains to mobile development.

As with many things in life, context plays a significant role in the discussion of mobile app development platform. To answer the question of which platform you should choose, you must first establish some context to provide additional (and necessary) information that will frame the question in a way that allows for the best answer. It does no good, for example, to ask what is the best book out there that I should go read next. The query is too vague and does not necessarily provide meaningful results. I may get suggestions for books in genres that I have little or no interest in, thus rendering any discussion moot, or at the very least diminishing the quality to a large degree.

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