Mobile app Development Course in India

Play the video. IBM Mobile Enterprise Strategy can help deliver the applications. 00:02:56.The computing industry is undergoing fundamental changes that will position mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as the primary solution for personal computing and Internet access.

As a result of this generational shift in the IT industry, we are witnessing an explosion in the number of mobile applications, the creation of which follows the common software development lifecycle.

Application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, with collaborative capabilities, help align the development and delivery of mobile applications with business objectives, within budget and time constraints, while meeting customer needs.

The combined Worklight Studio plus Rational mobile development tools, integrated with Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management offer the most comprehensive, end-to-end development solution for mobile applications in the market today!

IBM Rational mobile application development solution provides the capability to build enterprise mobile applications that:

  • Run on multiple mobile devices
  • Connect to enterprise back-end applications and information systems
  • Fulfill fast time-to-market requirements and can be rapidly updated with new releases
  • Deliver high-quality user experience

IBM Mobile Development Lifecycle Solution Cloud Trial

IMDLS combines the capabilities of the IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution, with the IBM Worklight mobile application platform.

Access the IMDLS Cloud Trial here, then select "Request an invite" for the IBM developerWorks Cloud Trial form. Enter "IMDLS" for the promo code.

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