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The Browser on Google Glass has no UI and websites are rendered in full-screen mode

Google Glass Browser: HTML5 and Responsive Web Design in your head

Google Glass has included a web browser. That means a new device factor for web development and Responsive Web Design. In this post, I’ll make a review of the browser and the HTML5 compatibility in the first version.

All the Google Glass Explorer Edition devices out there received the XE7 update today that includes a web browser for the first time.Using your head while tapping with 2 fingers, we can select a clickable area and then tap/click on it You can now add the Glass to the list of web screens, such as desktop, tablets, smartphones, feature phones and smart TVs.

Browsing with Glass

For now, the only way to open the browser is to use the Search app with your voice and click on a search result. That means: “ok glass, google, and your search”.glass-browser4 If the search result is not invoking any of the rich snippets (such as Wikipedia, weather, flight status) you will get the first 7 Google search result and now you will be able to browse to those websites (next images).

UPDATE 29/8: XE8 update includes the ability of a card on the Glass to include an action that will trigger the Browser. Therefore, we can push information using Glassware and call a URL from there, without the need of a search.

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